Our programs built around six core areas


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

To provide a smooth transition into the wider world from home and to be able to manage and take care of oneself. The end objective is to develop a strong self image & esteem in each child.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

To be able to find out the significance of the environment, people & places in their lives. By using problem solving skills, experimentation, prediction, questioning and decision making a child can co-relate himself with the world he lives in.

Physical Development

To enable children to develop fine & gross motor skills and understand how their body works.

Language, Communication & Literacy Development

To be able to explore and enjoy the use of words in languages. To use language to communicate and express oneself and as well as learn to listen carefully to others.

Mathematical Development

To develop their understanding of number, patterns, shapes and space through exploration & practice.

Creative Development

To help children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of mediums like art, music, movement, dance and role play activities.

Student Workbooks and Content Books

The workbooks have many activities and exercises for the students. A combination of formative and summative assessment makes sure that the teachers observe the children individually and pay attention to their special needs.

The content books serve as reference material to the children. For younger students, they take the more important role of informing parents about the children's learning in schools and involve them in their children's education.

Objective Assessment

At GreatWoods,Through the use of rubrics student assessment is kept objective. With the evaluation of tasks at every critical juncture, the assessment is also kept formative. The summative assessment at the end of the unit then feeds into the learning and developmental goals for the next unit or lesson.

Assessment takes a wider view of the child's capabilities and ensures that the unique talents and skills of every child get showcased.

GREATWOODHS Facilitators

Our mentors are trained facilitators in the classroom, always ready to assist and direct. Their purpose is to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning and to guide it, without interfering with the child's natural desire to teach him and become independent. Each and every mentor at GreatWoods undergo an intensive training module from XSEED (Our Curriculum and training partners) – ‘the Certificate of Innovative Teaching’ that equips a mentor with the necessary tools to make the learning environment rich and unique. We maintain a teacher child ratio of 1:10 so as to give focused attention to each child. All this leads to children realizing their full potential through learning that is meaningful, experiential and fun.


The XSEED Preschool is a preschool that seeks a firm foundation for our children. It marks the beginning of a promise to bring quality education to the lives of children. It seeks to create lifelong learners with the true belief that every child is unique and special.

We believe that

  • ->   Every child is unique in thought and action
  • ->   Every child should be allowed to develop at his own pace
  • ->   Every child is appreciated for their individuality

This is realized through our environment, culture, curriculum and mentors.


We are a green preschool and the environment is created for and by the child.

The environment at an GWHS Preschool has a busy, productive atmosphere with joy and respect abound. Within such an enriched environment, freedom, responsibility, social and intellectual development spontaneously flourishes.


We believe in freedom as essential to learning. Therefore the culture is amiable within which children explore. We at GWHS, truly value the family’s role in a child’s education, and recognize how much we can accomplish by working with families, in building a true partnership.

Curriculum: Xseed

This is XSEED Integrated, Innovative curriculum and Training program. The principle role of its curriculum is to create conditions so that talent can flower and knowledge is created within the child by the child.