Curriculum at GreatWoods and Importance

Our Curriculum is a culmination of latest research in pedagogy and education draws from Western and Eastern educational philosophy, like the works of Sri Aurobindo, Howard Gardner, J.Krishnamurthy, Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and most importantly our Associates with children over the last decade.


Every child is different…

Research has shown that not everybody learns in the same way. Some prefer experiments, some like lectures, some like to analyze and make hypotheses while some like to feel and experience for themselves. Our traditional classrooms are well-equipped to cater to such a variety of learners.

A typical class invokes the experience that the children have gone through themselves. They are then made to reflect on the experience, followed up analysis. The children form hypotheses and make theories which they validate or disprove through experimentation. When children lean how to apply their knowledge in a completely new situation the learning cycle is completed taking every type of learner along.

Integrated Theme based Learning

Integrated Theme based Learning At Great Woods we Use a theme based approach to impart multiple skills to the child within the framework of a single concept, or theme. The themes chosen begin to familiarize the children with the world around them and aim for development in many areas simultaneously.