1. The duly completed application form along with all relevant documents must be submitted on or before the stipulated date. The submission of an application form does not guarantee admission.

2. Application form must be accompanied with the following:

  • ->   Three passport size photographs
  • ->   Proof of date of birth
  • ->   Proof of nationality of child & parent
  • ->   Application / Registration Fee
  • ->   Previous school report(if applicable)
  • ->   School leaving certificate from previous school(if applicable)
  • ->   Migration certificate(if applicable)
  • ->   Health registration form

(All immunizations must be current and certified by a physician) The registration fees Rs. 500 per child is non-refundable.



The admission decision is made by the Admissions Committee of GreatWoods High School.

The committee will base their decision on the following criteria:

  • ->   Age of the student
  • ->   Scores of the written tests ( Grade IV to Grade X)
  • ->   The student's academic record
  • ->   Personal interview

All candidates will be required to attend a test session. Both parents must accompany the child when called for test / interview.


  • ->   Early years: Informal interaction. (Nursery, LKG & UKG)
  • ->   Grade I – III: Basic skills, Personal interview etc.
  • ->   Grade IV-V: Written test in English & Math and Personal interview
  • ->   Grades IV to X will also be asked to write a composition / reflection of approximately 200 words. The child is expected to write in his / her own handwriting.
  • ->   The written test will consist of multiple choice questions and there is no fixed syllabus. The tests will be followed by a personal interview with the Principal/correspondent.
  • ->   On being granted admission, an agreement / indemnity form is required to be completed.
  • ->   A physically challenged child and children with Special Education Needs will be admitted on a case by case basis.


We expect the child to have the following minimum age at the time of applying for admission

GreatWoods Pre School GreatWoods Middle School GreatWoods High School
Grade Age Required Grade Age Required Grade Age Required
Nursery 2+ Years Grade 1 5 +Years Grade 6 10+ Years
LKG 3+ Years Grade 2 6 +Years Grade 7 11+ Years
UKG 4+ Years Grade 3 7 +Years Grade 8 12+ Years
Grade 1 5+ Years Grade 4 8 +Years Grade 9 13+ Years
Grade 5 9 +Years Grade 10 14+ Years
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